Energy RatiosEdit

25J = 1 EU

1 MJ = 2.5 EU

IndustrialCraft 2

Basic DevicesEdit

I'm sure some people have questioned the ratios between the mods in this pack. Well let's go into some details.


It takes 390 EU to proccess one item at the rate of 3 EU/Tick, or 60 EU/second

Mekanism smelters eat 1 KW of power for 10 seconds to smelt one item therefore 10KJ per item.

Therefore 1 EU is equal to 25KJ 1 EU=25J


IC2 macerator eats 2 EU/t for 20 seconds resulting in 800 EU

Mekanism's values are exactly the same for both enriching and smelting 10KJ = 800 EU or 1 EU = 12.5J

Induction furnaceEdit

Induction furnaces consume 1 EU/t constantly to maintain heat and produce two items at once without increasing the enrgy usage.

During operation it consumes 16/EU/t or 320 EU/s. That's about 8 KW. It takes 208 EU to smelt 2 items at maximum heat or 104 EU an item.


The very basic source of power in IC2.

outputs 10EU/T(200EU a second) 4000 Per coal/charcoal

Mekanism heat generators produce 2KW and 16KJ per coal/charcoal which is less efficent then IC2 Generators


Watermill is very basic, it makes 0.25 EU/t unmanned or 1eu/t with water

it makes about equal power to an unmanned heat generator.

Solar Panel

Old and trusted source of power, don't use these, mekanism solar generators are much better.


Complex math, but can be much better then solar panels, worth the time it takes to figure out how to use them.

Geothermal GeneratorsEdit

OP, these can make a massive ammount of power for relatively free.

constant 20eu/t with little maintence, where can you go wrong?

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