Misc Peripherals is a mod made by Richard-G(One of the authors of IC and IC2). It adds a lot of computercraft functionalities to the game.


Misc Peripherals vastly improves on the turtles capabilites starting with some of the basic things you've always wanted for your turtles.

Chunk Loading Module will keep the chunk a turtle is on loaded, but be advised that a world reload will reboot the turtle, until they implement persistence. The radius of chunks that will stay loaded is configurable. Default is 0 for 1x1 (the chunk the turtle is on), can be set to 1 for 3x3 (chunks around the turtle), 2 for 5x5 and so on. The default Forge chunk loading settings allow for up to 5x5 - those can be changed in config/forgeChunkLoading.cfg under maximumChunksPerTicket.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.46.26 AM

Chunk Loader Module

Craft a Chunk Loader Module (shown ---->) alongside a turtle to make a Chunk Loader turtle. The module can be crafted with any of the following chunk loaders:

  • Railcraft World Anchor (shown ---->)
  • ChichenChunks Chunk Loader
  • ChickenChunks Spot Loader (1x1 only)
  • Additional Pipes Teleport Tether
  • Steve's Carts Chunk Loader Module
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.48.10 AM

Feeding Module

Feeding Module The Feeding Module added by Misc Peripherals can be combined with a turtle to form a feeding turtle, which has the ability to feed animals within a 3x3x3 area, centered around the turtle.

Using the feed() command will feed animals using food from the selected slot. Returns true if the animal was fed, otherwise false.

Inventory Module Increases inventory space of a turtle to 100 after crafting the correct ingredients and using them, note some of the items are very expensive to craft. Recipie Missing? Gazz whadafu

The RTG Module is used to refuel a turtle with uranium.

To refuel the turtle with uranium ore you have to enter this code:

120px-RTG Module

RTG Module

m = peripheral.wrap("right") and then: m.refuel()

Warning: This commands are for the lua interface. To open this interface type "lua" or put it in a program.

  • Other items added, Misc Perihperals also adds a backpack and a upgradeable backpack, but those both require Forestry. Parsonage does not have forestry, therefore those backpacks are not listed.*


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