Naturaly when you play minecraft you would like to know that what you make will be safe from griefing. We want you to know that griefing is not allowed on the "Overworld" but we will not help players that do not setup a proper residence.


What is it?

- Residence is a bukkit plugin that allows you to protect your creations on our server for a small cost (you start out with some money and can make a decent sized starting res)

How do I use it?

- We have prepared a video to give you a simple tutorial on how to use residence please play the video to the right, you can also view documentation on the residence wiki.

Important NotesEdit

-Residences completely protect your creations in the "Overworld" as long as they are configured right please see our multiworld page for more information on this.

-You can add a player to your res by simply typing "/res pset playername trusted t"

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