TubeStuff is a "smallish" mod which adds several really useful blocks. At first name TubeStuff was just temporary, but as mod got bigger and popular mod developer, Immibis, decided to keep that name. This Mod adds a variety of blocks which help Buildcraft and Redpower2 aswell as other similar mods to crossover it also add functionality.


Buffer: The Buffer allows you to transfer items between Buildcraft Pipes and Pneumatic Tubes easily. It also combines stacks of items together to reduce lag. You can fill it with items from Buildcraft Pipes to Redpower Tubes and placing in items manually. (just like a Chest). If you put a Wooden or Golden pipe next to the Buffer, it will send one stack of items into the pipe every few seconds (depending on the number of empty slots - 5 seconds when empty, 0.5 seconds when full).

If you put a Filt


er next to it, with the input side of the filter facing the Buffer, the Buffer will output a Redstone signal to activate the Filter at the same rate and time that it sends items into the pipes.


Automatic Crafting Table MkII: 

Is an upgrade to the Autocrafting table from Buildcraft. It can automatically craft items and has an internal storage so that it can hold other items than those needed for the crafting recipe as well. Automation: Unlike the BuildCraft Autocrafting Table the Automatic Crafting Table MkII is able to interact with Redpower Machines (like Filters, Transposers or Relays) and Tubes (such as the Pneumatic Tubes as well as with ME Export and ME Import Busses.

To pull an item out of the MkII, you have to put a Wooden Pipe (or a similar machine/pipe) on the top of the MkII's block. Everytime the pipe (or machine) tries to pull out an item, the Automatic Crafting Table MkII crafts another item as long as the ingredients are available. The input sides are every side except the top. Ever input side has its own row in the MkII's internal storage. The red row is for the bottom side of the Automatic Crafting Table MkII. Containers (such as buckets) which are being used in the crafting recipe will be placed there and can be pulled out from the bottom side at any time.



The Incinerator is a block added by the mod TubeStuff. It will destroy items piped into it. The Incinerator will destroy the item completely. No item piped into the incinerator can be retrieved.


There is other parts of tubestuffs but Parsonage Doesn't use them. You can find them here.

Parsonage Tips for Tubestuffs.

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